May 14, 2017 1 min to read

Our first promo video for Bald and Blonde World

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We are happy to present our very first promo video. We hope to release at least one major video per month on our website with many short ones being uploaded more frequently. We hope that you will like it and if you do, please don’t forget to let us know – it is encouraging us to create more of them!

Creative process

It hasn’t take much time to finish editing it in Adobe AfterEffects, but what took the majority of time is the rendering process and uploading the video to various platforms. It’s important to remember of some limitations – for instance Instagram doesn’t allow videos to be longer than 60s and usual 16:9 video format isn’t looking great squeezed on portrait interface. Therefore most likely we will be posting mainly mobile phones’ videos on Instagram and longer, traditional videos for both website and Facebook.

You can watch it below

The mentioned video you can watch below (please remember to turn the sound on!):



We hope you enjoy it.

Music in the intro: About that Oldie by Vibe Tracks
Music after the intro: Believe in Happiness, licensed.

What to expect next?

We will be hoping to make video stories on Instagram on each of our trips, some live videos and at the end of each our trip – a fully packed video with all the content that we weren’t able to post while enjoying the views 🙂 .

Please let us know what do you think in comments section below:

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