Kelburn Castle - Bald and Blonde

March 4, 2018 1 min to read

Sunny Sunday exploring Kelburn Castle grounds

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Last week we decided to take a quick road trip to Largs, because the weather was beautiful. For those who live in Scotland will know what we are talking about! Here we don’t get a lot of sun, therefore when you do get some nice, sunny weather you need to use the opportunity to do something outdoors &  enjoy it.

We have been wanting to go to see Kelburn Castle for a while now, since reading about it online. Besides its history we were keen to see famous Kelburn’s Graffiti project.

Back in 2007 the project involved covering the castle with a large collaborative artwork created by a team of four Brazilian graffiti artists from the São Paulo. The decision of covering a  side of the castle was injected to the 10th and current Earl of Glasgow, Patrick Robin Archibald Boyle, by his daughter since discovering that a cement render that had been added to the building in the 1950s is causing damage to the stonework of the castle.


Kelburn Castle - Bald and Blonde

A group of four Brazilian street artists was invited to decorate the walls with their unique style of graffiti art.


Besides the castle, other of Kelburn’s  outstanding features is its glen, which we enjoyed exploring. In the space of just over half a mile, the Kel Burn, which has helped to form the glen over thousands of years, rises on the moors 800ft above the Castle and drops dramatically by way of waterfalls and deep gorges to the sea.

Kelburn Castle Monument - Bald and Blonde

We have attached a map of the Kelburn Castle grounds  which might be useful to have a look at prior visiting it – Kelburn Country Centre map (PDF)

And if you are still not convinced have a look at our short video of our trip below:




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