Lviv, Bald and Blonde

October 7, 2018 4 min to read

Culture, beer and shisha in Lviv, Ukraine August ’18

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At the end of August Artur and I decided to visit Lviv in Ukraine. There were several reasons why we wanted to visit Lviv, one of them being that we heard lots of good things about it, especially its cultural landscape.

To get to Lviv from Scotland we had to stop in Wroclaw and get a flight to Lviv as there weren’t any direct flights. This worked well for us because our friend Michal joined us for our trip. Michal has been to Lviv many times and he agreed to be our guide, which we were very happy about.


Photo: WizzAir Flight from Wroclaw to Lviv (Michal, Artur and Sofija)



We landed in Lviv around 6pm and ordered Uber to city centre, where our apartment was. We used Airports WiFi to connect to the internet for that.

While driving to our apartment our first impressions weren’t very positive. Judging by the state of the roads, houses, buildings and the quality of cars that people drive you could see that average income the country generates is not enough for its people to maintain good quality of life. So, by the time we got to our apartment we were shocked to see such a big difference, especially arriving from Scotland.

Our apartment was located near to Rynok Square, which is known for being the heart of Lviv. It is very touristic place and there are many cafés, bars and restaurants. Once we got to our apartment we left our bags and went for a wee (little) wonder around Rynok Square and decided to visit one of the Shisha bars which was on our way – that’s how we ended up in “Hashtag Lounge Bar”. There we managed to get a table with PlayStation for the “boys”. The place had very “cool” feel, with great music, nice staff and very strong cocktails. So, we ended up staying there for few hours until midnight.


Photo: Boys playing FIFA at Hashtag Lounge Bar



On the way home, we grabbed something to eat at Lviv Croissants which was still opened. The service there was superb and the staff were very lovely. We even left a wee note on their visitors board – we thought it is such a cool idea to have something like this in place. Michal has a special place in this stomach for this place, especially for their “Lvivsky” croissant – that’s what he had almost every day while we were in Lviv.


Photos: Lviv Croissants – 3 hungry musketeers


My favourite place was Rynok Square, especially I loved “Pravda Beer Theatre and Brewery”. «Pravda» is located in a 20th century building, in the centre of Rynok Square. «Pravda» is not merely a restaurant or brewery, but a «theatre. It is a unique place where very wide range of beer comes together with live orchestra performance. Pravda have their own brass band, the PRAVDA-orchestra, that performs in-house, almost every night – Tuesday to Sunday from 7pm till 10pm.


Photo: Rynok Square, Lviv



Photos: Dinner and cocktails at Bar Mushy


While in Lviv we visited three Lviv bazaars which we found very interesting. Two of them were in the city centre , one next to Rynok Square (Monument to Ivan Federov), second not far from Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet (L’vivsky Vernisaz) and the third one was a bigger market located not far from Lvivarnya Museum (Krakivski Market). The one next to Lvivarnya Museum is the bigger one with cheaper prices. We would recommend buying your souvenirs there.

Usually at these bazars you can find a lot of vintage things such as old coins, books, cd’s, photo cameras, but also a lot of unusual things such as war memorabilia. In short, a wide range of things can be found there, and it is definitely an interesting experience, plus you can meet very nice market stall holders. Please note that the market stall holders are mostly older people and their knowledge of English is almost non existent. We used a mix of Polish and Russian to communicate with them. I wasn’t sure how they would feel towards Russian speaking people, taking into account what has happened in Ukraine. However in general Ukrainian people were fine with it, but I would advise Russian speakers to be a bit cautious about speaking Russian, especially in places such as pubs & clubs where people are drinking alcohol.


Photo: Bazar at Monument to Ivan Federov



Beer experience cultural centre “Lvivarnya”– museum of Lviv’s beer history and Lvivske beer tasting. The museum covers world and Ukrainian history of brewing beer. The museum has very nice layout with interesting exhibitions and interactive tools.

Photo: Michal and Artur at the entrance of “Lvivarnya” museum.



The information about history of brewing beer available in the museum in Ukrainian and English. Please note that the museum does not accept card payments as their card machine is not working properly so make you sure you have some cash on you, otherwise there is an opportunity to withdraw some cash in the meet pavilion which is locating in at the nearby bazaar.

To summarise, when we first arrived to Lviv we were a bit shocked about the state of buildings, streets, visible difference of people’s income and to be honest we were a bit worried that we might get robbed. However, by the end of our trip we really enjoyed Lviv and will definitely be back.


Love Sofi xxx

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