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Few hours in Kaleiçi, Antalya April’17

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Last year we went on a family holiday in Antalya, Turkey. That was our 2nd year in row in this destination.

We have been to Antalya for all inclusive family holiday before, however we did not go anywhere outwith our resort. Last year we decided to explore Antaya’s old town Kaleiçi (old Antalya). And that was a great decision. In the old town we believe that in old town you can find everything you are looking for ranging from Turkish bazaar (market), lovely food, historic landmarks and stunning views.

We entered Kaleiçi  through Hadrian’s gate. The gate is a Roman Triumphal Arch which was built in honour of Emperor Hadrian who visited Antalya in 130AD.

The Hadrian’s gate has three arched gates and its Turkish name Üçkapilar means “The Three Gates”


While getting occasionally lost in the narrow an widening streets and surprisingly for us quite neighbourhood lifestyle we spotted another historic landmark  called The Kesik Minare Cami. This stump of a tower marks the ruins of a substantial building that played a major role in Antalya’s religious life over the centuries. Built as a 2nd-century Roman temple, it was converted into the Byzantine Church of the Virgin Mary in the 6th century and then a mosque three centuries later. It became a church again in 1361 but fire destroyed most of it in the 19th century.

As we continued walking we realised that we have entered Karaalioğlupark (Karaalioglu Park). There were many Turkish flags around the parks, only later we realised that that day it was national children day in Turkey, which was celebrated.

While we were in the park we took lots of photos with Mount Tahtali in sight. The view from the park onto the mountains are absolutely breath taking.

Hıdırlık Tower is a landmark tower of tawny stone in Antalya, Turkey, where Kaleiçi meets Karaalioglu Park. It is  14 metre tall tower, which is believed to be a former Roman lighthouse.

After  taking lots of photos at the park, we decided to go to the Antalya marina and  yacht harbour which was ringed with restaurants. Around marina there were many ships on which tourists could go for a ride.

The ships were in different styles and had entertainment on board e.g. soundtracks from movies such as Pirate of Caribbean.

At the marina we also grabbed something to eat. The place where we ate is called Yelken Restoran and we must say that the owner was very friendly. After we finished our meal we were talking to the owner about Antalya and Turkish culture. Somehow, the conversation led into discussing teas, particularly Turkish tea. We were saying how we haven’t had an opportunity to try it. The owner was so kind and served us with Turkish tea free of charge. It was such a lovely gesture and the tea was very nice too! 🙂


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