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January 21, 2018 2 min to read

How to buy cheap flight tickets

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There are few things to consider regards buying tickets. Here’s a quick guide of how we usually try to get the cheapest tickets possible.

1. Always use incognito mode.

All websites use cookies nowadays. Cookies are little files stored on your computer containing information about you and your buying behaviour and these files are accessible by websites. Many websites will increase prices for the tickets that you have already checked before, whereas new visitors will see lower price for the same tickets at the same time. Incognito mode that is now a feature in all modern browsers (even on mobile phones) makes sure that each browsing session looks like new one for each website (cookies are saved only for session duration). This will help you to make sure that you get lowest price all the time. Unfortunately, some websites will increase prices for instance if you use Apple devices, then you can hide what type of device you’re using as well as your location by downloading TOR Browser, which connects to VPN and pretends that you’re visitor from other location with unidentified device.

2. Don’t trust price comparing sites that don’t include cheapest airlines.

There are many websites that compare the prices for you based on list of hundreds of airlines. Unfortunately, most of those comparing website don’t have the cheapest airlines for certain locations. In Europe the cheapest flights are offered by RyanAir, WizzAir, EasyJet and few more – these are usually not included in the search. Just make sure to find cheapest airline for certain location by yourself. You can do it by checking out forums and cheap flight blogs.

3. Wait for sales.

Most of the airlines have their own sales. Check when and how they’re offered by the airline that you want to use. What usually help is searching in Google for phrase: “{airline name} discount codes”; you would be surprised how often you can find many good deals for free.

4. Buy in advance.

The sooner you get any ticket, the cheaper it is. The only exception would be the last minute deals, but these are usually offered for long flights. Cheap short flights around Europe are usually booked in full many days before the flight.

5. Consider memberships.

Some airlines offer memberships and clubs promising great exclusive deals. WizzAir offers really good deals once you join their membership. If you often make overseas flights you might also consider getting travel credit cards that give you bonus miles for flights like American Express SkyMiles credit cards.


Hopefully you found useful. Would you add anything else? Please feel free to add more tips in the comments!

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