About Us

Who are Bald and Blonde?

Hi folks!
We are Sofija and Artur. We are the definition and living proof of international love.
• We share passion for travel,
• Couriosity of learning about cultures and social norms
• And urge experience world
• Make ever lasting memories on a budget

We like to travel because:

  • 01

    we learn about cultures

    You can read thousand of books, but nothing is like first-hand experience. Only by visiting certain country you can really understand its culture.

  • 02

    we learn about ourselves

    Some say that to really understand yourself you need to travel thousands of miles to get back to the same place where you started from, but with deeper understanding of ones purpose.

  • 03

    we understand more

    Nothing teaches better than failures, mistakes and bad decisions; and you get to get to do a lot of more of these when you travel to unfamiliar places.

  • 04

    we can share our stories

    Happiness means nothing if you can’t share it with anyone. All journeys are interesting, but the most interesting ones are of those who we know.

If you would like to get in touch with us, please head to Contact Us section and we will be very happy to respond!

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